Family business

VIT'ALL+® was founded in 1987 by Roger Serrault. Former pharmacy technician, specialized in dietetics and homeopathy, passionate about healthy and organic food, nutrition and herbal medicine. With his wife Colette, they had already opened an organic store in 1976... His two children each took turns joining the company in the 90s for Anne and 2000 for François. They have taken up the torch for more than 10 years and perpetuate the founding values.

A player involved in the food supplements market for more than 30 years, VIT'ALL+® was the first French company to manufacture and distribute a complete range of orthomolecular food supplements.

Vit'all+ a pioneering laboratory

New eco-responsible premises

Since the beginning of 2013, all production tools have been grouped together in Sarthe, on the edge of Le Mans. The new premises, designed and built in an eco-responsible manner in a green zone, make it possible to optimize production capacity while maintaining the human scale of the family company as well as proximity to customers and partners.

Vit'all+ Formulation and manufacturing in Sarthe

The 4 founding pillars / the 4 fundamentals of Vit'all+

For more than 30 years, VIT'ALL+® has relied on 4 founding pillars at each stage of the development process of its formulas.

CONCENTRATION: Based on orthomolecular and scientific data, VIT'ALL+® always seeks the fairest and most effective concentration of active ingredients, while preserving naturalness as much as possible.

The term “orthomolecular” was coined in 1968 thanks to Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Prize winner (Chemistry in 1954, Peace in 1963). The orthomolecular principle aims to provide a variety of nutrients essential for the proper functioning of cells, at the right dose, adapting to the nutritional needs of each consumer, from children to seniors, both women and men.

Based on this principle as well as on scientific data, and with the aim of seeking optimal effectiveness, food supplements are concentrated in active ingredients and precisely dosed.

NATURALITY: Historically involved in the organic sector, VIT'ALL+® selects ingredients initially present in nature, directly extracted or obtained using the most environmentally friendly bioprocesses.

VIT'ALL+® has more than 30 years of know-how and sourcing of raw materials. The raw materials selected are active and as close as possible to nature. Suppliers are chosen for their transparency and respect, both for people and the environment. The commitment to the naturalness of the products is favored, the ingredients coming from organic sectors and sustainable cultures.

BIOAVAILABILITY: VIT'ALL+® selects the most easily assimilated and directly active forms of nutrients for the well-being of the body, while respecting its balance.

The formulas are developed to be best assimilated and directly used by the body, while preserving its natural balance. Their formulations are gentle on the body and do not require cell work to benefit from their benefits. They thus couple their Vitamin C with citrus bioflavonoids to facilitate its absorption. Its prolonged action guarantees a gradual diffusion of active ingredients throughout the day, without risking overdose . They also use a fourth generation Quatrefolic® Vitamin B9, the most assimilable on the market.

Finally, they combine amino acids with certain minerals to facilitate their absorption and thus limit their elimination.

INNOVATION: A pioneer in the choice of ingredients and formulations, VIT'ALL+® is constantly monitoring, in perpetual innovation, to always better meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Always informed of the latest scientific studies and in search of innovative ingredients, Vit'all+ is not satisfied with formulas that work but seeks to constantly question itself. Their formulas are updated for ever greater bioavailability, naturalness and effectiveness.

This constant monitoring provides a head start and explains why VIT'ALL+® food supplements are innovative and high quality.

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