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Natural anti-stress, Bach Flowers and plants.

Discover the anti-stress Bach flower product 20 ampoules from Élixir and Co, Provence santé.

Anti-stress with Bach Flowers is a food supplement against problems of stress , overwork or anxiety. Be soothed and relaxed thanks to the virtues of Bach flowers, specially associated for their anti-stress profile.

A food supplement with plants and Bach flowers to combat stress.

Elixir and co have developed a synergy of active ingredients for optimal action on Stress and anxiety, including the plants that make it up:

- Organic Hawthorn : reduces nervousness, regulates cardiac function

- Organic Rhodiola : helps the body adapt to stress

- Organic Bacopa : helps maintain mental balance during stress

- Organic Ginseng : stimulates the immune system, tones the body, restores work capacity.

Anti-stress with Bach Flowers in ampoules to find serenity and appeasement.

Floral elixirs of anti-stress synergy

-Organic white chestnut Bach flower elixir

-Organic Bach flower elixir Agrimony

-Organic Impatient Bach flower elixir

-Organic Bach Pine flower elixir

-Organic Bach Flower Elixir

-Organic Wild Apple Bach Flower Elixir

-Organic Bach flower elixir Verbena

What are Bach Flowers?

Indeed, Bach flowers are remedies invented in the 1930s by Edward Bach, a British homeopathic doctor. With it comes a new therapy based on flower elixirs intended to re -harmonize emotions . Using his intuition and his knowledge as a doctor and researcher specializing in bacteriology and homeopathy, he spent the following years developing his floral remedies. He designed 38 based on the memory of water imbued with the vibrational energy of the wild flower. Dr Bach's remedies condense the quintessence of the flower to provide remedies for negative emotions , responsible for health problems.

How to take this synergy of plants and Bach Flowers in ampoules against stress?

The Anti-stress food supplement from Elixir and co Provence santé is composed of 20 ampoules of 10 ml. This organic product should be taken in the amount of one ampoule in the morning and at midday diluted in a glass of water once a day, i.e. 2 ampoules per day

Organic Farming, Made in France, No additives, no preservatives and no excipients

Precautions for use for the Anti-stress product with Bach flowers

- Do not exceed the recommended daily dose for this anti-stress food supplement

-Keep out of reach of children

-Food supplement cannot replace a healthy and varied diet

The ingredients of the anti-stress synergy with Bach flowers

-Organic white chestnut Bach flower elixir 11mg

-Organic Bach flower elixir Agrimony 11mg

-Elixir of Bach flowers Impatiente organic 11mg

-Organic Bach Pine flower elixir 11mg

-Organic Bach Oak flower elixir 11mg

-Organic Wild Apple Bach Flower Elixir 11mg

-Organic Bach flower elixir Verbena 11mg

-Organic Hawthorn Extract 6000mg

-Organic Ginseng extract 3000mg

-Rhodiola extract 1500mg

-Organic Bacopa extract 15000mg

packaging : box of 20 ampoules