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Super activated vegetable charcoal powder-150g-Health vector


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Powdered vegetable charcoal from Health Vector.

Discover the product Super activated vegetable charcoal in powder-150g from the Vector health laboratory.

Why use Powdered Vegetable Charcoal from Vector Santé?

Super activated vegetable charcoal is very effective on intestinal gas, aerophagia, digestive poisoning and sour stomach.

Vector Santé offers you a completely soluble vegetable charcoal from coconut.

Charcoal helps in the absorption of toxins and gases from bloating and fermentation in the intestine.

To be perfectly effective and have a maximum absorption surface, the charcoal is obtained in two stages:

-Carbonization: we calcine wood or coconut shells by heating it to a temperature varying between 600°C and 900°C in the absence of air.

-Activation: the wood is re-calcined at the same temperatures but this time, in the presence of water vapor, air or oxidizing gases. This allows the development of a network of micropores which will be real traps for unwanted molecules.

Activation thus gives the coal an absorption capacity that can exceed 2000 m²/g. It can adsorb up to 97 times its volume of carbon dioxide, 165 times its volume of sulfur dioxide, 178 times its volume of ammonia.

Absorption is the process by which liquid or gas molecules attach or become trapped on the surface of a solid, in this case, activated carbon.

Prepared from coconut shells, using an exclusive natural steam process, guaranteeing instant dispersion of the charcoal, whether in a glass of water or fruit juice.

Super activated vegetable charcoal, 100% pure and natural and 100% soluble, comes in the form of a fine powder with an exchange surface greater than 2250 m2/g. It is ideal for detoxification cures because it disseminates perfectly into the mucous membranes of the digestive tract allowing complete intestinal cleansing.

How to use the powdered charcoal from Vector santé?


1 tablespoon (7gr) 1 to 2 times a day mixed in a large glass of water, possibly fruit juice, yogurt or compote, in the morning on an empty stomach or between meals or in the evening.

As a 10-day renewable treatment or taken occasionally.

Charcoal can reduce the absorption of certain medications; it is important to respect a minimum of two hours between taking charcoal and medications.

Keep out of reach of children, do not exceed the recommended dose, cannot replace a varied and balanced diet.

Composition of the product Super activated vegetable charcoal in powder - 150g - Health vector.




Activated vegetable charcoal


100% vegetable charcoal (carbo Végétalis from coconut shells) with an exchange surface greater than 2250m²/g.

Made in France

No gelatin, no bovine or pork products, no milk, no corn, no eggs and derivatives. No additives, no coloring, no preservatives. Suitable for vegetarian diets.