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Cotidierbe a synergy of plants for intestinal transit.

Discover the cotidierbe product 45 tablets from the Specchiasol laboratory.

Cotidierbe from Specchiasol presents itself as a synergy of choice to promote harmonious intestinal transit.

Cotidierbe, a complex of plants serving your transit.

Senna, cinnamon, aloe vera, rhubarb, wild mallow, clove, burdock and cascara are the main treasures of the formula.

Senna, also called cassia, is a recognized plant in traditional maritime pharmacopoeia. It has always been prized for its transit-stimulating properties and is often associated with other digestion-friendly plants , as is the case here.

Stimulating and digestive cinnamon, rhubarb, which facilitates intestinal transit, wild mallow, gentle on the digestive tract, balancing clove, burdock, relevant for intestinal flora and liver balance, as well as transit-friendly cascara, are all virtuous plants which profitably accompany senna.

To top it all off, aloe vera, used since Antiquity to support intestinal comfort, complements and reinforces the benefits of the whole.
The best ingredients from the pharmacopoeia are found in this skilfully developed food supplement dedicated to digestive comfort. The plants are combined once concentrated for maximum benefits .
The plants see their active concentrations not only preserved but increased tenfold by the concentration operated. After copious or high-fat meals, this food supplement prevents you from suffering too much damage to your digestion which is then weighed down.

Composition of Cotidierbe

Cassia Senna pod 120mg
Rhubarb root 110 mg
Aloe vera dry extract 70 mg
Dry extract of Buckthorn bark 60 mg
Cascara bark 60 mg
Wild Mallow Leaf 56 mg
Cassia Senna Leaf 12 mg
Cinnamon Bark 4 mg
Clove flower 4 mg

Also contains field bindweed (12 mg for 2 tablets).

How to use cotidierbe for transit?


Take 1 or 2 tablet(s) in the evening before bedtime, with a little water.

Recommended daily dose

1 to 2 tablets per day.

Precautions for use

Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Not recommended for children under 12 years old.

Prolonged use is not recommended.