Massage oil "Circul" Bio-200ml-Altho


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Circul Bio Altho massage oil

Discover the product Organic “Circul” massage oil, 200ml from the Altho laboratory.

Why use Altho Organic “Circul” Massage Oil?

-Improves circulation, helps relieve swollen or tired legs, feet.

100% natural and ORGANIC, with ORGANIC essential oils A true concentrate of nature, this ORGANIC massage oil draws its properties from the richness of plants that we have rigorously selected for their qualities and their actions on the body. After a long period of standing, a day of walking or extreme heat, the lower limbs are swollen and can be painful. CIRCULATION ORGANIC massage oil is ideal for regaining comfort of circulation in the feet and legs. In just a few minutes of massage, your limbs find lightness and freshness.

How to use Circul Bio massage oil?

Using advice:

Pour a few drops into the palm of the hand and apply to all legs and feet, going from bottom to top (direction of return circulation) until the oil is completely absorbed.

Composition of the product Circul Bio massage oil, 200ml from the Altho laboratory.


Virgin vegetable oils of sunflower* and sesame*, essential oils of cypress*, mint arvensis*, rosemary with camphor* and maritime pine*. * From organic farming.