The Week'up

La Week'Up, the French brand of sustainable hygienic protection that takes care of your body and the planet.


It all starts with Corinne Boulay, creator of the brand.

A fan of the menstrual cup for several years, Corinne Boulay took on the challenge of creating her own brand of eco-responsible protection.

The menstrual cup? An obvious choice for the launch of the brand!

After extensive research, the business leader based in Sarthe wants to stand out with a healthy and practical product, and above all made in France. She then imagined a foldable and discreet menstrual cup. Two years later, the only 100% French folding cup was finally released: La Week'Up!

La Week'up is the brand specializing in washable sanitary napkins!

After two years of development, the range is expanding with the design of washable and durable hygienic protection, always with a manufacturing ethic that is close to our hearts; the creator of the brand.

What are washable and reusable sanitary napkins?

It's the same principle as classic sanitary napkins except that they are reusable! Thanks to waterproof fabric and fabric inserts, they adapt perfectly to the different flows during the period.

The biggest benefits of washable sanitary napkins

-Lifespan of approximately 5 years, or approximately 200 washes

-Different sizes available suitable for everyone


-Sustainable and eco-responsible

-Easy to maintain

“La Week’up” quality

Made in France

Made from certified organic cotton, the washable sanitary napkins are soft and absorbent. They limit allergies and irritations due to periodic protection.

-adjustable pressure

The series of adjustable pressures allow you to ideally adjust your washable sanitary napkin to different shapes of underwear.

-Wash up to 90 degrees

Washable sanitary napkins can be pre-washed by hand with an organic stain-removing soap. It is also possible to machine wash them up to 90°C in a washing net, preferably with organic detergent.

-Sustainable and eco-responsible

Economical, washable sanitary napkins last on average 200 washes, which corresponds to approximately 5 years (washable sanitary napkins) and 3 years (panty liners) depending on the recommendations for use and maintenance. That's the equivalent of over 500 disposable napkins! Economical… and preserve the planet!

The comfort of washable sanitary napkins at La Week'up?

Healthy and soft materials for top comfort!

Washable sanitary napkins are made from certified organic cotton and Oeko-Tex recycled PUL (waterproof material). Durable fabrics with a guarantee of optimal absorption to stay dry for up to four consecutive hours!

What is the Oeko-Tex Label?

Oeko-Tex is a quality label comprising several technical standards, aimed at certifying the health and ecological qualities of textiles and leathers, guaranteeing the absence of toxic products for the body and the environment. Oeko-Tex also refers to the International Association for Research and Testing of Ecological Textiles made up of 18 independent research institutes.

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