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Food supplements produced from the hive.

Bee products are food supplements which are an important part of natural health therapies, alternative or alternative medicine. They are often used because of the multiple benefits and virtues they possess. Thanks to a very wide range of beneficial actions, ranging from relieving a cold, healing a wound, stimulating natural defenses or even boosting energy.
Manufactured by bees throughout their lives for their needs, man has also been able to take advantage of the benefits of all the products made by them. This is how apitherapy was born, which consists of treating with hive products. This age-old practice uses the properties of bee products to improve and maintain the health of humans , but also animals.

What beehive products are used in apitherapy?

Propolis and its benefits.

Rich in more than 300 active molecules, including antiviral , antibacterial and anti-oxidant compounds, it has gigantic therapeutic potential, widely used in alternative medicine. The composition of propolis varies depending on the geographical origin and the flora collected. . Depending on the original environment, propolis contains more or less high concentrations of active ingredients such as polyphenols, flavonoids with remarkable therapeutic properties. Propolis all have very powerful antioxidant effects and have a targeted action on bacteria and viruses.

Propolis can be used as a cure in cases of winter pathologies such as: colds, nasopharyngitis, angina, sinusitis, otitis, gastroenteritis, etc. but also dermatological problems such as mycoses (Candida albicans), eczema or even psoriasis.
Organic propolis is available in all forms depending on the ailments to be treated, in syrup for the throat, in nasal spray for the nose, pure to chew but also in capsules, drops or soap.
Organic green propolis can also be discovered here.
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Royal jelly and its benefits.

Secreted by the worker bees of the hive, royal jelly is exclusively intended to nourish the young larvae which will become queens. It is mainly made up of water, it also contains a high number of protein substances, a lot of carbohydrates but also lipids, trace elements in large numbers as well as group B vitamins. Used since antiquity in traditional Chinese medicine, it is the flagship product of apitherapy and naturopaths . It helps strengthen the immune system, fight against fatigue and exhaustion and even memory loss. It is a real ally for strengthening and toning up, especially in winter.
Organic royal jelly can be used both preventatively and curatively with a view to strengthening the immune system or to counter fatigue and winter illnesses.
Royal jelly is available in several forms in your Pleine forme store. You will find it, in pure and fresh form, in ampoules but also in capsules.
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The benefits of Honey.

Honey is a sweet substance made by bees using the nectar of flowers. Made up of more than 80% carbohydrates, it is a relatively pure energy food.

Honey, in addition to its delicious side due to its sweetening power, has natural therapeutic virtues. Widely used in apitherapy, in particular Manuka honey ( learn more about manuka honey ) which has a high bacteriological index very useful for healing wounds , and sanitize them. It is also popular with dietitians and nutritionists for its low glycemic index. Find therapeutic honey in several forms such as throat softening lozenges, but also in sprays for the throat and nose, in Manuka honey toothpastes, external creams and simply in jars.
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The benefits of pollen.

Pollen is the male part of flowers, generated by the stamens of flowering plants to fertilize the female pistils of other plants (except in special cases). It is a tiny microscopic dust often transported by the wind but also by bees which gather pollen and transport it in the form of balls . The pollen will be used to make honey. Composed of a significant proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids as well as a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants.
In apitherapy, it is used to reduce prostate hypertrophy, relieve the symptoms of menopause or more generally to stimulate the vitality of the body.
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