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Coral Calcium 1000 mg-60 capsules-Pure Essence


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Okinawan coral calcium, the ideal natural calcium for maintaining normal bones

Discover the product Coral Calcium-1000mg-60capsules of Pure Essence.

The benefits of coral calcium capsules.

-Coral Calcium promotes the maintenance of bones under normal conditions
-Helps the functioning of neurotransmission.
-Promotes the functioning of digestive enzymes.
Food supplement based on Marine Coral powder from Okinawa with a high Calcium content.

A food supplement based on coral calcium, but not only that!

In fact, in addition to providing quality natural coral calcium, the Essence Pure laboratory enriched the product with magnesium, which improves the remineralization of the skeletal framework as well as boosting fatigue and immunity.

How to take coral calcium capsules?

Dosage: Take 2 capsules daily with a glass of water, preferably during meals

Active ingredients / daily dose (2 capsules):
Coral Powder 1000 mg
-Calcium content 340 mg (42.5% VNR )
-Magnesium content 15 mg (4% VNR
*NRV: Nutritional reference value

packaging: 60 vegetable capsules.