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Activated charcoal+anise-60 capsules-Health vector


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Activated charcoal + anise

Discover the food supplement Activated vegetable charcoal + anise, 60 capsules from the Vector health laboratory.

Why use activated charcoal + anise from Vector santé?

CARBO'ACTIV is effective in cases of: aerophagia, flatulence, gas, sour stomach, digestive and intestinal cleansing, detoxification and diarrhea.

Activated vegetable charcoal is recognized for its absorbent and cleansing properties in the digestive system, particularly the intestines. It cleanses the digestive tract and strengthens the intestinal flora by absorbing the toxins found there. Toxins which are then eliminated through the stools with charcoal. Its versatile and easy use, without harmful side effects when used as recommended, makes it essential in the range of products to always have on hand.

The Adsorption capacity of super activated vegetable charcoal is approximately: 2,000 m2/gram.

Activated charcoal comes from organic coconut shells, having an exchange surface area of ​​1500 to 2250 m2/g. This immense capacity to absorb foreign and toxic substances will make it possible to absorb intestinal gases, fermentation residues, toxins, excess pathogenic bacteria, etc.

Green anise extract will stimulate digestion thanks to its carminative properties.

How to use CARBO'ACTIV, Activated Charcoal+Anise?


3 to 6 capsules per day, to be taken between meals with a large glass of water.

For prevention, maintenance: 2 capsules per day before bedtime or between 2 meals. As a 10-day treatment or occasionally if necessary.

As support, treatment: 1 to 2 capsules, three per day between meals. During the time necessary to relieve and cleanse the intestines. Then continue a maintenance phase for 7 to 10 days.

Since charcoal can reduce the absorption of certain medications, it is important to respect a minimum of 2 hours between taking carbo'activ and medications.

Composition of the product Activated charcoal + anise, Health vector.




Activated vegetable charcoal

250 mg


50 mg

Super activated vegetable charcoal ** (carbo vegetalis) 350mg

Fish gelatin capsule

Anise (pimpinella anisum) 50mg

**exchange surface 1500 to 2250m2/g

Origin of capsules: Fish capsule