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Super activated vegetable charcoal granules-200g-Health vector


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Granulated vegetable charcoal Health vector.

Discover the food supplement Super activated vegetable charcoal granules, 200g from the Vector health laboratory.

Why use the granulated vegetable charcoal product from Vector santé?

- Aerophagia, flatulence, gas, sour stomach
- Digestive and intestinal cleansing - Detoxification

Activated vegetable charcoal is recognized for its absorbent and cleansing properties in the digestive system, particularly the intestines.

Its versatile use makes it essential in the range of products to always have on hand.

It cleanses the digestive tract and strengthens the intestinal flora by absorbing the toxins found there. Toxins which are then eliminated through the stools with charcoal.

It helps reduce bloating and the appearance of intestinal gas. It helps relieve stomach pain and facilitates digestion.

Granulated coal comes in the form of small grains (like small grains of sand), black to very dark gray in color with slight metallic reflections. These reflections are normal, since they are 100% pure coal grains.

The granules are not soluble, so they cannot be dissolved. Granulated charcoal is very dirty. Unlike the powder, it does not color the mouth black, it does not color the stools black and is not constipating.

Prepared from coconut shells, activation is done by prolonged calcination at a high temperature (800 to 1000°C) and under high pressure steam. The exchange surface is 1500 to 2250m2/g.

Very effective on intestinal gas, the granules have all the usual properties of charcoal.

Made in France by Vector Santé®

How to use Health Vector charcoal pellets?

To take it, you must avoid chewing it. It crunches in the teeth and it's not very pleasant!! Put up to 1 tablespoon (15ml = 7g) in a glass of thick liquid such as fruit juice with pulp. Mix well and drink before the charcoal redeposits at the bottom of the glass. If necessary, drink a little clear water to rinse your mouth after taking it.

Since charcoal can reduce the absorption of certain medications, it is important to respect a minimum of 2 hours between taking carbo'activ and medications.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Cannot replace a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children.

Composition of the product Super activated vegetable charcoal granules, 200g from Vector santé.




Activated vegetable charcoal



Vegetable charcoal (Carbo vegetalis) from coconut shells, with an exchange surface greater than 2250m2/g

No gelatin, no bovine or pork products, no milk, no corn, no eggs and derivatives.

No additives, colorings or preservatives.