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Lithothamne Vit'all+

Discover the food supplement Lithothamne 360 ​​mg, 120 capsules from the Vit'all+ laboratory.

Why use Lithothamne Vit'all+ capsules?

Calcium contributes to normal muscle function and Calcium contributes to normal neurotransmission and therefore to a better balance of the nervous system.

The natural richness in minerals and in particular in marine calcium gives Lithothamne, a marine algae from the Atlantic Ocean, a great nutritional interest. Calcium with magnesium contributes to normal bones (growth, bone stock).

What is Lithothamne Vit’all+?

Lithothamnium (Lithothamnium calcareum) is a small sedimentary alga measuring 2 cm, not fixed on the seabed and always submerged. Lithothamnus has the property of crystallizing minerals (macroelements, trace elements, trace elements) present in seawater on its thallus. The use of algae as food is much more widespread in Asia and particularly in Japan. The organic and mineral composition of marine algae makes it a leading nutritional source. Lithothamne algae is familiar to health-conscious consumers: it is the natural source of calcium which enriches plant-based milks. A glass of soy or oat enriched with lithotamine provides 150 mg/ml of calcium compared to 125 mg/ml for cow's milk. Dietary lithothamne is made up of the skeleton of dead algae, and the calcium is present in the form of calcium carbonate, which gives it great bioavailability.

Qualitative composition of Lithothamne algae: potassium, chlorine, sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, iodine, iron, copper, manganese; and in very small quantities - trace elements -: aluminum, boron, bromine, chromium, cobalt, tin, fluorine, gallium, germanium, lithium, molybdenum, selenium, silicon, strontium, vanadium, zinc... Substances which all play essential roles despite their very small quantity. Algae provide these oligos and trace elements in organic form, which are very assimilable. We note the presence of all the vitamins necessary as enzymatic cofactors.

How to use Lithothamne Vit'all+?


1 to 6 capsules per day in several doses, before or between meals, with a glass of water.

For pregnant and breastfeeding women, seek advice from a doctor. It is recommended to respect the recommended doses, to ensure that you have a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children. This product is not a medication.

Composition of Lithothamne Vit'all+ capsules





1080 mg


324 mg

Ingredient per vegetable capsule:

Lithothamne (thallus)

Lithothamnium calcareum = 288mg calcium carbonate, or 108 mg of calcium element 360mg

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