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Discover the product Nivelanxi 40 capsules 690.4mg from Laboratoire Api Nature.

The Nivelanxi food supplement is based on amino acids, vitamins B6, 5htp, Rhodiola, extracts of lemon balm, Ashwagandha as well as an extract of Saffron and lactic ferments.

Why use Nivelanxi against stress and anxiety?

-Innovative formulation based on marine peptides , an exclusive Protizen complex and Cyracos®
-Standardized extracts of lemon balm titrated, Rhodiola roséa, Griffonia titrated in 5 HTP + Amino acids L-Lysine, L-Arginine.
-Nivelanxi is an exclusive innovative formula of marine peptides, enriched with 5-HTP bioactive hydrolyzed extract of Griffonia,
-Cyracos is a patented extract of lemon balm officinalis leaves. During the extraction process, all of the active ingredients of the lemon balm leaf are preserved.
-Protizen is an active extract of peptides from saithe, a lean fish obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis then purified. Its small molecular weight ensures the bioavailability of the active ingredients.

The Nivelanxi food supplement is ideal for promoting relaxation as well as nervous tension and anxiety.

Composition of Nivelanxi from Api Nature.




Melissa extract

300 mg

Marine Peptides Extract

300 mg

Dry extract of Rhodiola rosea


Griffonia dry extract

100 mg


Cyracos® (patented extract of Melissa -melissa officinalis L- standardized in hydrocinamic acid) 150 mg,
Protizen (hydrolyzed extract of marine peptides) 150 mg
Dry extract of Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) 100 mg,
Dry extract of Griffonia (Griffonia simplicifolia) standardized in 5-HTP at 50 mg
L-arginine hydrochloride 25 mg and L-lysine hydrochloride 25 mg,
Vegetable capsules
Anti-caking agent: Silicon Dioxide 25 mg

Active ingredients Daily intake/2 capsules:
Cyracos (patented extract of Melissa) 300 mg
Protizen (hydrolyzed extract of marine peptides) 300 mg
Dry extract of Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) 200 mg
Griffonia dry extract (Griffonia simplicifolia) 100 mg
L-arginia hydrochloride 50 mg
L-lisine hydrochloride 50 mg

1 capsule=690.4mg

How to use Nivelanxi?

dosage: 1 to 2 capsules per day, as needed, outside of meals or between meals.
Recommended 30-day course, renewable continuously.

packaging: amber bottle of 40 capsules in cardboard box