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Philaromal classic from Dietaroma.

Discover the Philaromal classic Organic food supplement, 20 sachets from Laboratoire Dietaroma.

Philaromal from Dietaroma is a balanced blend of probiotics and prebiotics.

Why use Philaromal classic from Dietaroma?

-Balances the intestinal flora.

-Easy to use.

-Gluten free.

PHILAROMAL CLASSIC has been specially formulated for optimal effectiveness through the combined probiotic action of organic Quinoa sourdough starters and Lactospore® (coagulant Bacillus) ferments. This ferment patented by Laboratoires Diétaroma is very stable over time, degrades little, resists stomach acids and increases in temperature well. Acacia fibers act as prebiotics.

Sourdough and probiotics also provide the body with all the precious nutrients and enzymes they contain, in particular B group vitamins and amino acids.

How to use Philaromal complex of probiotics and prebiotics from Dietaroma?


For optimum effectiveness, dilute one sachet in a glass of warm water, in the morning and evening for 10 days.

Then 1 sachet per day, preferably in the morning for 20 days.

Provide 2 boxes for a 30-day cure.

You can continue as long as necessary at 1 sachet per day.

Seasonal cures or during periods of preventive stress are recommended.

Composition of Philaromal from Dietaroma.





Acacia fibers


Lactobacillus coagulans


Quinoa sourdough 3.4g

Lactospore (baccillus coagulans) 0.07g or 1 billion CFU when bagged

Soluble fiber/organic acacia gum 0.53g

CFU: colony forming unit

Packaging: box of 20 sachets