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Organic blond psyllium capsules

Discover the product Organic blond psyllium 180 capsules from Vector santé.

The organic blond psyllium food supplement promotes well-being and the normal functioning of intestinal transit.

Why use organic blond Psyllium in capsules?

-Activates and regulates transit gently, a true ally of transit

-Soothes feelings of hunger

-Nourishes the intestinal flora

-Organic blond Psyllium capsules soothe excessive feelings of hunger and gently stimulate intestinal transit without excitation of the intestines. Blond psyllium has no harmful side effects, only presents advantages, even when taken continuously for a long time. It is the ideal food supplement for sensitive intestines .
-The mucilages of blond psyllium act as an intestinal regulator, they help to rebalance, cleanse, activate, preserve, soften, lubricate the mucous membranes of the entire intestinal tract, from the stomach to the colon.
- The intestinal flora is strengthened because the polysaccharides are plant microfibers which nourish and protect the "friendly" bacteria present in the intestine and essential for its balance.
- The thick gel formed by the mucilage also causes a feeling of satiety which makes it possible to limit food intake and assimilated calories.
A good digestive balance is essential to have and maintain good general vitality, to have effective natural defenses.

What is organic blond psyllium?

Blond psyllium is also known as ispaghul or Indian plantain . The active and interesting part of the blond psyllium or ispaghul is the seed coat surrounding the seed. This integument is rich in mucilage. Mucilages are plant polysaccharides that have softening properties.

Psyllium mucilages form a gel on contact with water, a viscous softening gel which can soothe feelings of hunger, protect the mucous membranes of the intestines, gently activate transit or regularize it, nourish the intestinal flora, polysaccharides being prebiotics for friendly bacteria in the gut.

How to use organic blond Psyllium in capsules?


Take 1 to 2 capsules of blond psyllium with a glass of water every day. Take this dose in the evening if you want to have regular bowel movements in the morning.

Adjust the doses according to the results. Gradually, if necessary, increase the doses and frequencies. You can easily go up to 6 to 10 capsules per day in several doses. Always with plenty of water!
In case of discomfort, reduce the doses and resume gradually. Side effects are rare and not serious.
It can be recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Children from 10 years old regarding capsules.

It is recommended to respect the recommended doses, to ensure that you have a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children. This product is not a medication




Psyllium Ispaghul

1000 mg


100% blond psyllium husks from controlled organic farming

Additives free

Origin of capsules: Fish capsule

Packaging: white bottle of 180 capsules