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Bach flowers against stress

Discover the Bach flower product against stress 20ml from the Provence santé range from the Elixir and co laboratory.

The “Stress” food supplement helps to regain tranquility and serenity.

When to use Bach flowers against stress?

When the feeling of oppression prevails and pushes you to do more and more, sleep becomes difficult and restless, the mind no longer rests and goes into overdrive. This elixir helps you find calm and serenity. It brings you back to more peace of mind.

How to use the Bach flower stress complex?

-For occasional problems: take 4 drops several times a day, as long as the need arises.
-For chronic problems or old disorders, take every day: Or 4 drops diluted in a glass of water or a drink, several times during the day. Or 16 drops added to your usual bottle of water,
-Over several weeks or as long as the need arises.

Composition of complex “stress” of Bach flowers

The Stress elixir contains the following Bach Flowers:
-Agrimony: to help refocus,
-Oak: to fight against mental hyperactivity,
-Impatient: to be less sensitive to stressful situations,
-White chestnut tree: to stop endlessly going around in circles in your head,
-Pin: to relieve guilt,
-Wild apple tree: to learn to no longer want everything to be perfect,
-Verbena: quickly brings calm and serenity.

Ingredients Stress Elixir with Bach Flowers Bio Provence Santé:
Organic brandy (99.6%) 40% vol* Aqueous flower extracts: (0.4%) 1/250 Agrimonia eupatoria* Quercus robur* Impatiens glandulifera* Aesculus hippocastanum* Pinus sylvestris* Malus sylvestris* Verbena officinalis* .
*Ingredients from organic farming

Precautions for use:

A food supplement cannot be used as a replacement for a healthy and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

packaging: 20ml amber pipette bottle