Synergies of organic-sweet night essential oils-30ml-Altho


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Gentle night synergy

Discover the Synergies of organic essential oils, gentle night, 30ml from Altho.

Why use Altho’s gentle night synergy?

The Douce Nuit composition from Laboratoire Altho is a blend of eight soothing and relaxing essential oils. It is ideal for relaxing at the end of the day, your peaceful mind will be able to sink into a restful sleep more easily.

This synergy of organic essential oils is a blend for diffusers.

How to use the synergy of essential oils, sweet night from Altho?

Advice: For diffusion: use this pure composition in a suitable diffuser (cold diffusion technique without ionization). Diffuse 15 minutes per hour to obtain a pleasant scented atmosphere.

For massage: mix 1 to 2 drops of this composition in 10 drops of vegetable oil. Apply this mixture directly to the skin on the solar plexus, the inside of the wrists or the soles of the feet to benefit from the benefits of this synergy.

Inhaled: Cold: pour this composition onto a handkerchief to hold it to the nose regularly. Hot: pour a few drops of this composition into a bowl of hot water or bath water to benefit from the vapors that emerge.

Composition of the synergy of essential oils, gentle night 30ml from Altho.

Composition :

Organic essential oils of bergamot*, chamomile*, super lavender*, lemongrass*, shelled marjoram*, orange*, bitter orange petitgrain*, ylang ylang*.