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Valerian in capsules

Discover the organic Valerian food supplement 60 capsules from Naturège.

Valerian is indicated for sleep disorders and anxiety

Why use Valerian in capsules?

The benefits of Valerian:

-Relieves nervousness

-Treats anxiety

-Induces sleep without habituation effect


Indeed, due to its composition of natural active ingredients such as essential oils (up to 1.4%), including bomyl acetate and beta-caryophyllene. Valepotriates (iridoids) with sedative properties. Terpenoids and Alkaloids, valerian has been used for millennia to treat anxiety, nervousness, stress, depression, sleep disorders, spasms and neuralgia, joint and muscle pain, as well as high blood pressure due to stress .

Valerian in capsules a food supplement for anxiety and sleep but not only!

In addition to sleep and anxiety, Valerian has other therapeutic indications, it also treats the pain of the menstrual cycle or to reduce anxiety and irritability linked to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Used in an effective dose, this plant acts on the mood disorders that accompany the arrival of periods, from simple irritability to phases with a tendency to depression, including lack of energy.

It can also be given as an effective painkiller against headaches, and a relaxant used in cases of muscle or joint pain.

How to use organic Valerian in capsules?


  • swallow the capsules with a little liquid (water, herbal tea, fruit juice, etc.),
  • or open the capsule and pour its contents into food.

1 to 4 capsules per day

Composition of Valériane Naturège capsules

100% VALERIANE (Valeriana Officinalis) - Roots - Bio-Dynamized Plants
Box of 60 Vegetable Capsules (Pine Cellulose 100% of plant origin)

Capsule dosage: 400 mg