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Fibers+ vit’all+

Discover the product Fibers+ with bifidobacterium 30 capsules from the Vit'all+ laboratory.

The Fibers+ food supplement helps to normalize transit and contributes to the balance of the intestinal flora.

Why use Fibers+?

-Regulates transit

-Improves intestinal well-being

-Concentrated formula

-Gentle on the intestines

-Easy to use

The Fibers+ food supplement is a combination of 3 plants rich in soluble prebiotic fibers , it is associated with a mixture of 6 strains of Bifidobacterium concentrated with 4 billion microorganisms per capsule. Soluble fiber is gentler on the digestive tract.
Fiber contributes to intestinal well-being and improves the consistency of stools.
– InaveaTM pure acacia is an excellent source of prebiotic soluble fiber. Particularly well tolerated at the digestive level, it is guaranteed GMO-free, carbon neutral, and committed to a sustainable approach (preservation of natural resources and protection of local communities).
– Baobab fruit pulp naturally contains soluble fiber.
– SunFiber®, from Guar seed, naturally contains partially hydrolyzed soluble fibers for better assimilation.

How to use Fibers+ for intestinal well-being from Vit'all+?


take 1 capsule per day outside of meals

As a basic treatment or as a one-off treatment

Composition of Fiber + 30 capsules.

For: 1 capsule

Acacia (Acacia senegal) – exudate (gum) – Inavea™ – 90% soluble fiber
Baobab (Adansonia digitata) – fruit pulp – 21% soluble fiber
Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) – seed / gum – SunFiber® – 85% soluble fiber (Galactomannan)
Bifidobacterium sp. (adolescentis, bifidum, breve, infantis, lactis, longum) – 4 billion CFU* (*Colony Forming Unit)

100% vegetable-hypromellose capsule

packaging: bottle of 30 capsules

Restriction: reserved for adults and adolescents (subject to change, see product label). Keep out of reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Notes: this food supplement does not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

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